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1 Day Workshop (with Certification) on 'KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM' - 27th December, 2015


Course Coordinator

Dr Vish Kallimani 

University Technology Petronas, Tronoh, Malaysia


(9:30 am to 5:30 pm)

Including Coffee Breaks and Lunch Break


Knowledge management system (KMS) is the system where the process of managing the precious knowledge which would be reused in problem solving situations. In the process of KM, various sections involve from problem stage to knowledge update and reuse. KM has added values in societal, engineering, learning and organizations. The precious knowledge leads the tangential and in-tangential benefits ranging from the values to benefits.

The course will deal with the concepts, ideation and innovation, problem identification, knowledge: sharing, capture, Reuse, acquisition, reuse.   In crisp Problem analysis, knowledge mapping and managing knowledge are learnt here. You will learn about the collaborative platform, KM strategy, KM road-map, tools and other Knowledge practices used. This programme is helpful for the Professional/Employees/students (UG and PG level) of any area to develop conceptual solutions in solving the problems.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able:

• Problem techniques

• To develop a knowledge in problem solving

• To develop a Knowledge representation with mind-mapping

• Hands on activities on knowledge management activities on a computer

Course content

1. Problem identification and solving

       Problem identification and analyzing is the vital step in problem solving. This is applicable in Business/Service/Research/education… Planning for a solution and solving effectively is a challenging procedure. Precision and methodic way plays an important role in problem defining and solving. 

2. Ideation and innovation

       For problem defined, idea is the begin in developing a knowledge in bringing out the innovative products.

3. Knowledge and Knowledge representation 

Conceptualization of the solution and developing knowledge is the initial stage which helps in developing the system/solutions/projects/research. Many knowledge representations are defined. But one should now, which one is suitable for their field. Effective representation is plays a vital role in conceptualizing the previous knowledge. A mind mapping exercise in mapping your thought on a paper. 

4. KM system design and analysis

Building blocks of KMS, system analysis and design suitable to your organization. 

5. Case study 

6. Mini Project: (hands on) Knowledge representation 

7. KMS Software

Who should attend

• Suitable for all sectors of industries

• All staff, academics and students engaged in research/education

• Fresh graduates 

• Executive/Management level 

• Any from Service/institute/industry  

Course Coordinator

Dr Vish Kallimani 

Tel: +05-3687431

Email: vish.kallimani@petronas.edu.my

Course instructor 

Dr Vish Kallimani obtained his B.E (Electronics & Communication), from Bangalore University, M.E (Electronics) from Birla Institute of Technology India, and Ph.D (Computer Science), PGCHE from the Nottingham University. He has been awarded a Fellow award from the Higher Education Academy-UK. He worked as an Engineer in Energy Industries in India. He has worked in Australian, UK and Indian and Malaysian Engineering degree progammes in IT and Electronics areas.

Dr Vish joined as an Associate Professor in Computer and Information Sciences department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia in 2014. His field of interests are in Knowledge management, Green Technology, data mining and big data analytics.  He is a member of Institution of Engineers (India), Indian society for higher education and many editorial boards. He was also invited as a keynote speaker of KM, Green E-Governance, Green Technology in the International Conferences.